Hello, my name is Edwin Manzano. I am currently based in San Francisco, California, one of the biggest tech capitals of the world. I grew up and lived in the Bay Area and even hold a degree in Business Management & Anthropology from San Francisco State University (Go Gators!).

I travel, consult, and photograph my journey along the way!

I have learned various skills throughout my journey such as creating websites, photography, strategizing, and even the German Language. I love to advertise to and communicate with as much cultures as I can. 

Which has led me to provide services in consulting, advertising, and affiliate marketing to assist those around the world achieve their goals. 

In addition, throughout my travels, I always come across many products that I would like to provide to you all. 

I will continue exploring, learning, and searching for the best products to cater your needs. 

Wether a travel lover or coffee lover such as myself, someone seeking help, or looking to grow your business, I will continue and try my best to assist you!

Please do follow me on IG @_edwinmanzano and friend me on Facebook (Edwin Manzano) as I am very active on both social media platforms. I would love to see your journey as well. 

Cheers to future ambition!